Terms and Conditions

1.- Non-refundable holiday promotion, 100% transferable (transfer policies apply).

2.- Promotion valid for adults over 30 years old (Man’s age is considered).

3.- Because it is a family promotion and to be able to book you in case of being married, you must travel with your spouse.

4.- Validity of the holidays: You have 18 months to travel to Cancun as long as I made your reservation with a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase of your package. For your additional bonuses you will have 12 more months after your trip to Cancun to use them.

5.- Your main destination is Cancun, and other destinations (if applicable) are additional gift vouchers that will be delivered to you in Cancun.

6.- All additional bonuses are free, however these DO NOT include reservation fees, taxes and tips which must be paid at the time of booking for each destination.

7.- This is a promotional offer and cannot be used with any other certificate or promotion, it is not valid for groups (A group is considered more than 2 packages or certificates traveling on the same dates, this applies to friends, acquaintances or relatives ).

8.- It is a requirement to register at the hotel to present an official identification and a valid credit card.

9.- You will be responsible for air or ground transportation expenses to reach the destination as the case may be, laundry expenses, telephone calls made from your room, and (if applicable) the payment of reservation fee and / or taxes.

10.- This vacation package promotion has been subsidized by our members’ hotels and requires a private visit at the host hotel (approximately 90-120 minutes), which will familiarize you with all the amenities available during your vacation, as well as its participation options. In one of the vacation ownership plans. If you do not meet any term or condition of your vacation package, your reservation may be subject to cancellation and / or you will automatically be charged a minimum of $ 399 USD per room. All traveling guests must attend the presentation.

11.- We do not sell airline tickets and therefore we are not responsible for flight fares that any vendor or representative has offered them, remember that no one can guarantee these fares as these are issued by the airlines and constantly change due to the offer, demand, availability and validity of their promotions.

12.- We are not responsible for verbal or written offers made by any representative, agent or sponsor outside of what is specified in these terms of participation and failure to comply with them when traveling to Cancun will charge the current rack rate of the hotel and your additional bonuses will not be awarded.

13.- This package must be used to travel to Cancun on a single occasion. Additional packages may not be used subsequently by guests who have already traveled under one of our other vacation promotions.

14.- The sale price has a subsidy from the vacation club that only applies to one package, so if a second package is required, an extra $ 399 USD must be paid plus the sale price.




You have a 12-month open date to be able to book in Cancun without season restriction, reservations are subject to availability, so it is suggested that you book a minimum of 30/45 days before your trip for low season and 60 / 90 days before your trip for high season. When you call, have your reference number on hand to identify you in our system and offer you a personalized service.


In order to make your reservation you will have to have paid your package 100%.